About Us

The Journey

Traveling is like a dream for every person. In our case, we try to make our dreams happen step by step.

We aim to explore different places that can capture the eye of every aspiring traveler.

From what to bring to where to go, we aim to take note of it all and share it to the world.


The Founders

These are the people who are behind Thrill Escapade.

With a big amount of passion for traveling, they decided to put up Thrill Escapade and share to the world their travel journeys along with some tips and tricks that have helped them along the way.



Dothy Sonza

A Filipino based in Sweden who has a huge passion when it comes to traveling. She not only studied and worked in the field of photo and video production but had also enjoyed it as a hobby.

She also enjoys managing events and had been a part of concert productions for multiple international artists.



Casper Thelander

A Dane based in Sweden who traveled to multiple countries around Europe, Africa, and Asia. Not only does he enjoy traveling, but also has a big passion when it comes to music production.

Thrill Escapade’s website is currently managed by him.




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