The World’s Oldest Amusement Park: Bakken

Ever since I was a kid, Amusement Parks had always been my thing. My first time to do so never failed me and just made me want to go and see more Amusement Parks around the world. It always makes me feel like I’m a kid all over again.

On my first time to Denmark, it felt mandatory to visit at least one. It’s not just another Amusement Park but I had the privilege to see and experience the World’s Oldest Running Amusement Park and ride the famous 86 year old wooden roller coaster, the Rutschebanen.



Getting there

Getting there is easy if you’re coming from the Nordsjælland area. However, even if you’re not, it would still be a good experience to go and check it out. Plus, Bakken isn’t far from some other great touristy places, so you might as well just add it to your itinerary.

I highly recommend you download the Rejseplanen app. It’s super convenient and you’d really want to have it while you’re in Denmark as it will be a huge help if you’re commuting whether you’re taking a bus or a train. The app can help you go from point A to point B without any hassle.

Dyrehavsbakken is located within the Dyrehaven (Deer Park) near Klampenborg, 10km north of central Copenhagen. It opened in 1583, making it the world’s oldest operating amusement park.

Walking towards the amusement park, you’d be able to see a wide nature park where you can see horses carrying carriages and a deer if you’re lucky. You can’t really come close to them and you’re prohibited to touch them as they easily get scared. It’s also a good place to have a picnic. Just expect that there are some areas that can be a bit stinky due to horse poop.


One good thing about Bakken is that the entrance is FREE! You just need to pay for the rides (because why not ride anything?) or you can go for a package where you can ride all you want to all the rides that they have. Casper and I rode race cars for probably over 5 times.


Where to Eat

I had to include this because if you ever plan to go to an Amusement Park, it’s always good to stay there all day if you want to make the most of what you’re paying for. You have a wide range of options on where to eat when you go to Bakken. The food there is surprisingly not that expensive for amusement parks, and they mostly have everything there. However, if you really feel like you’d rather want to bring your own food, you can definitely do so! As mentioned above, you can even have a picnic there whether inside or outside the park.


It was during summer when we went there so expect that the lines can be quite long during that time especially on the most famous rides. However, the wait is totally worth it. Also, make sure to check the weather forecast before going there or to any amusement parks. It would be a bummer if it’s going to rain.


We bought our wristbands (unlimited ride pass) when we were already there for 250kr ($38) but it can be a bit cheaper if you buy it online on their website (in Danish):

It’s also best to check their opening hours on the day you plan to visit.


To narrow it all down, this place is a MUST to visit. It wouldn’t just give you the amusement park experience but so much more! We had a great time and we seriously don’t mind going there again!


See a glimpse of our trip to Bakken:


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