The Best Park in Gothenburg

We all know that traveling can be expensive especially if you don’t plan it well. Whenever I travel, I prefer going to places that wouldn’t cost me much. I mean who doesn’t, right? I’d definitely rather have more money left than what I planned to spend.

With that being mentioned, Europe isn’t really the cheapest continent to visit especially if you’re not from there, or even just someone who doesn’t earn as much as Europeans do.

One thing that my mom told me from the first time I traveled out of the country is to never convert the currency in your head whenever you buy something. It’ll just make you feel bad. Budget ahead of time and you’ll be fine. Whenever you make your itinerary, check all the places that you can visit and what you think you can afford. Adjust accordingly. However, make sure to check out all the places that you can visit for free.

Gothenburg is the 2nd largest city in Sweden. The moment I arrived in this city, I was definitely amazed. It made me think of the Swedish version of Copenhagen. Some say it’s like the Los Angeles of Sweden. Packed with multiple tourist places, there are a couple of those that you can visit for free.

Slottsskogen is the local’s favorite place to unwind. A 137-hectare park that has a wide range of activities including Slottsskogens Djurpark, a zoo with Swedish animals. My first zoo in Europe and it was overwhelming. The best part is, there’s no entrance fee. Like ZERO, completely FREE and it’s open all year round.

There are multiple animals that you can find there including deers, elks, penguins, reindeers, and many more.

The petting zoo and pony rides are available during Spring and Summer and you can also check out the feeding of the seals at 14:00 and the penguins at 14:30 every day.

Slottskogen is also the location for the yearly music festival, Way Out West.

Finding a place to eat nearby is not that hard as you can find a couple of cafes where you can also enjoy a traditional Swedish fika.

Slotsskogen is really huge that you might have to look at the maps located in multiple areas around the park. However, you can find printed ones near the playground where kids, and maybe kids by heart, can play around.

I’m not surprised why it’s the local’s favorite park. I will probably even go there every day if I live nearby. It’s the best place to just relax, breathe, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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